CEO at TAC ECONOMICS, I am dealing with issues related to innovative and applied research in economy, finance, risk analysis and smart data. My main research focus is on quantitative analysis and machine learning applied to economic analysis and decision making. I have been working recently on country risk analysis using SVM and self organizing maps, text mining applied to economic analysis, cost of capital in emerging markets, random forest and exchange rate forecasts, millennium development goals, ...

Supports de Cours Master IEF & Master Statistiques et Econométrie

Analyse risque pays et marchés émergents (Master 2 Ingénierie Economique et Financière)

Matlab & C++ (Master Ingénierie Economique et Financière, Master Statistiques et Econométrie)

Compléments en C++ & MATLAB

Research & Publications in Applied Economics

Machine Learning & Resources for Numerical Computation

CORBA, Java and Software Development

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